Retention Ponds
Pen Facilities


Rio Bravo Cattle Feeders is a permitted 14,900 head confined feeding facility with 99 pens and roughly 10,000 linear foot of bunk with 12 ft pads. The property was originally constructed in 1974 with an addition in 2008 and consist of an 2023 sq ft office building with numerous individual offices, a weighing area, reception area, and record storage room. Outside the office area there is a cattle working/doctoring facility along with a truck loading/unloading area. The mill is a basic bunker style mill with two 18X36 rolls. Improvements were completed in 2010 to the rolls and steam chest and in mid/late 2016 there was around $600,000 spent on the mill replacing legs, roof on mill, distributor, scalpers, augers, soaker tanks, wiring, grain dump pit, as well as new corrugated grain holding tank. Grain holding capacity would be around 12,500 bushels. 

There are 3 waste water lagoons which serve the feed yard and 5 submersible water wells on the property. There is one 4-tower center pivot Valley system that looks to be approximately 7 yrs old. Last known estimate on gpm was 550 per seller.  

The feedyard proper sits on approximately 150 acres. The excess land would consist of 160 acres of cropland and roughly 511 acres of rangeland. Also included in with the property is a 1700 sq ft brick home that sits on the SE boundary along County Road 28.

Loading and Processing
99 pens with 10,000 linear
feet of bunk
2 retention ponds with pumping ability to farm ground.
Convenient loading, sorting and processing next to office.
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